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Erica's ATA E-File Dust Vacuum Attachment System

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This handy dust system attaches right to your e-file and sucks up dust and debris at the source.  Will cut your mess down dramatically and keep fine dust out of your lungs and those of your client too!  No one wants to go home covered in nail dust so do something about it with this awesome setup.

Info from the manufacturer:

The NV210 Nail Vacuum System is primarily for GEL and SKIN only. Gel and skin particles are lightweight and go airborne when filing so it needs to be collected directly at the source to effectively reduce the debris entering a person’s mouth, nose, eyes and ears. The NV210 is unique in that the stainless steel nozzle attaches directly to the electric file handpiece, maximizing its ability to capture debris. The NV210 significantly reduces dust that accumulates on clothes and desktops so technicians and clients can breathe and work in a healthier environment. The NV210 does NOT work on all electric files. E-file sold separately.

The disposable HEPA bags pick up .003 micron particles such as fungal and yeast often found on feet. The NV210 is not considered a medical grade vacuum but is frequently purchased by podiatrists.


  • NV210 vacuum
  • Stainless steel nozzle attachment
  • Variable speed controller
  • 1 HEPA bag


  • 70 watt (1 HP) vacuum
  • Carbon filter
  • Available in 100 volt ONLY
  • Compact size at 7 lbs. and 16” x 6” x 11”


  • Used for gel and skin only
  • NV210 will NOT collecting acrylic dust or fumes
  • Hepa bag must be replaced and disposed of every 3-6 weeks to maximize vacuum longevity and power
  • Bags are not reusable
  • Ships only to North America
  • Only comes in 110 volt
  • Does not work on all e-file but works with the following efile models:
    • Erica’s – MT-20, T-300, TL-24
    • Kupa – UG12 handpiece
    • Young Nails – Y99, Y100
    • Medicool – 30K



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